Bach Before Bedtime (BBB), founded by Allegra Chamber Music in 2008, introduces children of all ages to a fun, interactive, and sensory-stimulating series of chamber music concerts throughout the year. BBB offers more than an opportunity to listen to exceptional music. BBB creates an experience for the whole family. Performed by Montreal’s premiere classical musicians, a whimsical story accompanies each piece, bringing meaning to the music. Young concert-goers have the chance to conduct the musicians, play along with percussion instruments, interact with the performers and even try their instruments. 

Our Mission
BBB exposes children to the world of classical music through hands-on, interactive concerts, breaking down the barrier between the audience and the performers for a shared, communal experience.

Our Vision
Through its interactive and experiential concerts, BBB aims to create a new generation of active, engaged listeners, and future musicians.

Our Values

  • ENCOURAGEMENT: BBB makes participation fun for all types of children, on stage and off, during the performance, and one-on-one with the musicians afterward.
  • EDUCATION: BBB broadens the children’s array of visual, auditory, cognitive, communicative, social, and musical skills. Studies show that listening to music, and especially playing an instrument, stimulates and strengthens the brain.
  • INSPIRATION: BBB inspires concert goers in a variety of ways – whether it’s by learning more about the composers, listening to more music, or learning to play an instrument.
  • OUTREACH: To make the BBB experience accessible to all children, BBB is partnering with daycares and schools throughout Montreal, and providing financial support to children and communities for whom cost is a barrier.

Leadership and Administration Team

  • Artistic Director: Dorothy Fieldman Fraiberg
  • Artistic Committee: Julian Kuerti, Jean René, Reuven Rothman
  • BBB Board: Alix Myers (Chair), Anna Birnie-Lefcovitch, Tara Milroy, Tina Silverstein, Samantha Welschied
  • Administration: Andrea Loach