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Thursday October 3 2019

Ludwig van Montreal

Article written by Caitlin Wetherly

Learn all about our new season in this article from Ludwig van Montreal!

CONCERTS | Bach Before Bedtime Announces Exciting New Season

Now in its 11th season, BBB is renowned amongst young families for its innovative way of exposing children to the world of music. The performances run 45 minutes during which excerpts from classical music pieces are woven into a bilingual narrative. Children are encouraged to participate by identifying the instruments and volunteering onstage to conduct the musicians.

Wednesday May 15 2019

Montreal Gazette

Article written by Susan Schwartz

Check out this article about us in the Montreal Gazette!

Bach Before Bedtime: Fun helps connect kids to chamber music

They may be only knee-high to a grasshopper, but the children gathered for a classical concert on Tuesday at Place des Arts were able to easily identify the instruments as the musicians mounted the low stage to begin playing: Double bass, they called out. Guitar! French horn! Oboe! Bassoon! Flute! Clarinet!